samurai1080 == WarChild.
[12:30] ErkDog: hmm.... 13 former biog members in my clan already, everyone SURE DID HATE ME !!! lol
[12:33] samurai1080: whats ur point?
[12:33] samurai1080: I already recruited 7 people
[12:33] ErkDog: that you are a lying little cunt
[12:33] samurai1080: how did I lie?>
[12:33] samurai1080: ur own friends hate u
[12:33] ErkDog: you said on several occastions
[12:33] ErkDog: two several different people
[12:33] ErkDog: that it was like a majority vote
[12:33] ErkDog: etc,, al....
[12:33] ErkDog: and "my own friends" don't hate me
[12:33] ErkDog: nobody really like izzy
[12:33] samurai1080: and plus I started not to like u
[12:34] samurai1080: and my best friend didnt like u
[12:34] ErkDog: well that doesnt' mean you have to be a lying little shit head
[12:34] samurai1080: wich is TUSK the former of BIOG
[12:34] ErkDog: founder, retard
[12:34] samurai1080: french retart
[12:34] ErkDog: wich... is that french ??
[12:34] ErkDog: lol I think not
[12:34] ErkDog: not to mention the fact
[12:34] samurai1080: former
[12:34] samurai1080: is a french verb means u create something
[12:35] ErkDog: that you don't say a whole sentence in English, with ONE french word
[12:35] samurai1080: anyways why ar eu talking to me
[12:35] samurai1080: no one likes u
[12:35] samurai1080: so please go away
[12:35] ErkDog: okay right,
[12:35] ErkDog: no-one likes me
[12:35] samurai1080: 20 year old beinga baby
[12:35] ErkDog: 12 former biog members in LtH, I am satan himself
[12:35] samurai1080: lmfao
[12:35] samurai1080: wich ones
[12:35] samurai1080: I need to take em off list
[12:35] ErkDog: laff figgure it out yourself
[12:36] ErkDog: I'm too immature
[12:36] ErkDog: to make a lsit
[12:36] ErkDog: list*
[12:36] ErkDog: that would be too adult, and responsible
[12:36] samurai1080: no u tell me
[12:36] samurai1080: u took away the group
[12:36] ErkDog: no, I have to go away now
[12:36] ErkDog: becuase
[12:36] samurai1080: so I couldnt message anyoen for the last time
[12:36] ErkDog: you told me to
[12:36] ErkDog: and you are god !!
[12:36] samurai1080: anyways please go away
[12:36] ErkDog: see
[12:36] samurai1080: is arctic in yer clan?
[12:37] ErkDog: lol... "go away"... "but answer this question first"
^-- at this point he stopped responding.
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