This conversation took place after I messaged one of my friends and it turned out to be someone else on that computer at the time. The name has been changed for obvious reasons. (Retard2002 is that person)
[17:03] ErkDog: I got 1,000 roudns of ammo fof $105 wh0000t :p
[17:03] Retard2002: who cares
[17:03] ErkDog: laff ok
[17:04] Retard2002: shut up this is not any body you know
[17:04] ErkDog: mebbe you shoudl close IM then
[17:04] ErkDog: and quit being a jew
[17:04] ErkDog: and talking
[17:04] ErkDog: on one
[17:04] ErkDog: that dosen't belong to you
[17:04] Retard2002: kiss my ass you stupid jew fag
[17:05] ErkDog: lol
[17:05] ErkDog: wow how cool
[17:05] ErkDog: you can't even think up your own insults
[17:05] ErkDog: you ahve to use mine
[17:05] ErkDog: douche bag
[17:05] Retard2002: do you want to get your ass kicked
[17:05] ErkDog: hey, it's not my fault, that you choose to talk on someone else's SN like a little crack baby
[17:06] ErkDog: you know, they are -free-
[17:06] ErkDog: and it takes about 3 seconds
[17:06] ErkDog: to get your -OWN-
[17:06] Retard2002: i am not talking on it
[17:06] ErkDog: the hell you say ?
[17:06] ErkDog: [17:06] Retard2002: i am not talking on it
[17:06] ErkDog: weirdest example
[17:06] ErkDog: of -NOT- talking I've ever seen
[17:07] ErkDog: there ya go, that's -NOT- talking
[17:07] ErkDog: have a nice day
[17:07] Retard2002: shut up
[17:07] ErkDog: omg
[17:07] ErkDog: some more
[17:07] ErkDog: NOT talking
[17:07] ErkDog: amazing
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