Here at we like to archive conversations with llamahs, so that the entire internet might have the opportunity to see what kinda retards there are out there roaming around, BEWARE!!!
Here is a conversation I had with the leader of a clan I used to be in. A little background information so you know what's going on. I joined BioG and it was a clan for a game I play called Natural Selection I was co-leader of this clan, well to make a long story short, I got 'demoted' 'by a vote'. Now take into consideration that this was Thanksgiving Day, and there were probably about 10% of BioG online. So impossible for there to have been any vote or anything. Anyway, Warchild kept saying how everyone didn't like me, and how everyone hated me etc... al.... That should be enough background information for you to understand this dialog. So Enjoy!
This conversation with an Unknown individual who apparantly was using one of my friends computers at the time. Enjoy!
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